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Transforming the way of work


Office Software

“Polaris Office” is an office software that allows you to work on documents from any platform, anytime, anywhere. More than 60 global corporate customers and 95 million cloud subscribers use Polaris Office.


‘Atlassian’, a global collaboration tool for improving work productivity. As an Atlassian solutions expert who constantly researches and ponders products, we help you improve your business processes efficiently.


‘V-Guard’ is a mobile security solution with a light engine optimized for mobile environment and fast DB update.
Vaccine stability and performance are recognized through mobile security solutions with the largest number of domestic financial and securities partners.



INFRAWARE is transforming the way of work

Founded in 1997, INFRAWARE is a software company that delivers our efficient solutions for businesses, organizations, and individuals to experience new and innovative productivity gains.

Company specialized
in office service
(2011 – Present)

Commercializing Mobile POLARIS Office for Samsung Electronics, LG Electronics, HTC, and more (2011)

Being awarded with the Grand Prize in Multimedia Technology (POLARIS Office) (2011)

Occupying the global market of mobile office by 70%

Launching the cloud office POLARIS OFFICE Service (2014)

Being selected as one of the ‘World Class 300’ (2014)

Expanding office B2B market, including Orange, IBM, Good, and Citrix

Launching PC Office POLARIS OFFICE in 2017

Entering the domestic public market of PC office

Entering Russian and Japanese market with POLARIS OFFICE

POLARIS OFFICE Store Open (2018)

Awarded 10 Million Dollar Export Tower (2018)

Awarded Apple Appstore ‘Apps of the Year’ (2018)

More than 90 million Polaris Office subscribers (2019)

Merger with INFRAWARE Technology Co., Ltd. (2019)

Company specialized
in embedded browser
(1997 – 2010)

Establishing INFRAWARE, Inc. (1997)

Concluding a contract for the development of printing software (Smart Web) with Samsung Electronics (1999)

Having the mobile browser embedded and commercialized for Samsung Electronics (2003)

Being selected as WAP Browser Sole Vender by SK Telecome (2004)

Being listed on KOSDAQ (2005)

Occupying the domestic market of mobile browser by 70%

Entering mobile browser market in Japan, China, and the Americas

Taking over Bora Tech Co., Ltd. the office software company

Our Philosophy

Management goal

SELVAS’s management goal is growth.
SELVAS is a platform of growth that pursues the growth with the members, customers, and shareholders of SELVAS in harmony.

SELVAS chooses a way to the long-term growth over immediate profit.

Management system

You can enjoy your work when you set a goal and challenge yourself.

To do so, SELVAS provides the members with an environment for them to decide and act themselves without being controlled and also transfers rights to them as much as possible.

Ideal talent

Persons with good Adaptability do not have a bias towards either of contrary values, such as suspicion and trust, tenacity and abandonment, and challenge and stability, but can make a bold decision and execute such by deciding which way is right at present.

Ideal talent is those who have flexible thinking with a balanced point of view and are competent in various ways so they can respond flexibly to whichever the direction is set. Competence of adaptability is to improve and make effort oneself continuously.

Characteristics of persons with good adaptability are as follows.

  • Realistic yet optimistic
  • Confident yet modest at all times
  • Self-assertive but capable of changing one’s thought boldly if one’s thought is wrong and of compromising in case of a conflict between opinions
  • Enjoying challenge and having high desire for achievement
  • Leader with good adaptability can embrace talent with different views.





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